Bill is an accomplished guitarist. In the 1970’s he was know for his pyrotechnic guitar styling. Today his guitar solos are said to speak prophetically. Bill is a Chaplain, gifted songwriter and singer. 

 Jennifer is a blessed singer and songwriter. She has written hundreds of lyrics and many songs. In her marriage to Bill, she was the person that God chose, to speak and represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She answered the call and God showed up to use her in a mighty way. She preaches at concerts, church services, camp meetings, festivals, drug re-gab centers and county fairs. Jennifer is a Chaplain and an ordained Minister. 

 Mercy Seat delivers a unique style unlike anything else in the mainstream market. That’s why everyone who knows them, lovingly refers to them as “Not Your Typical Gospel Group”. Mercy Seat cannot be categorizied. Their music ranges from having a lighthearted country style to “all up and through you” praise. Those hearing them for the first time find themselves singing along with songs they don’t even know, as they get caught up in the melodic flow of worship. 

 Bill and Jennifer are servants. They take the call of God seriously as they distribute encouragement, truth, compassion and hope through their peaching, praise and worship. 

 Mercy Seat is a musical, miracle in motion. Neither Bill nor Jennifer could sing a note when they married. They were catapulted into a world of creating and leading praise after they prayed for the ability to worship God with their voices. The Lord answered their prayer of faith. 

 Experiencing Mercy Seat means going deeper into the things of God. Their love for Jesus Christ is infectious, pressing listeners forward into greater revelation of who God is and who we all are in Christ. 

 Mercy Seat is also a writing and performing partnership with Tina Ann Ellerby and Carol Muckle. Both Tina and Carol are gifted singers and song writers. Their contribution to Mercy Seat Ministries is without measure